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HoverCam Ultra 10 Wireless Visualiser

HoverCam Ultra 10 Wireless Visualiser

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£1,558.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

Expand your classroom engagement experience with HoverCast on the Ultra 10. The world’s first standalone 4K document camera that can cast 4K resolution to compatible HDMI displays.

Alternatively, stream 720HD video to dozens of devices anywhere in the world with HoverCam’s ScreenCast.

Experience the Power of Android

Take the document camera experience to a whole new level with a 7.1″ HD MultiTouch screen. Pinch to zoom, annotate, and Cast 4K video to any display. Download your favourite apps and experience Augmented Reality and Optical character recognition right from the device.

More Powerful than Ever

When you bring learning into the palms of the student’s hands, learning becomes so much more. It becomes an inspiration for them. A perfect lesson is by downloading your favourite apps and exploring the endless potential of learning – allow your students to see the universe from every angle with Augmented Reality.

True 4K Image Clarity Anywhere

16 Megapixel sensor captures every detail. 4K 60FPS through HDMI and 4K 30FPS wireless through HoverCast. (HoverCam Ultra 10 Wireless Visualiser is shipped standard with 4K at 30FPS to ensure maximum compatibility as some display manufacturers do not support true 4K at 60FPS)

More Details than Ever

See every intricate detail with HoverCam’s Patented ASR Zoom. Bring the Ultra 10 to your student’s desk and see science come alive before their eyes. With ultra-smooth and ultra-sharp 4K video casting, experiences can be shared across the room with the finest details thanks to HoverCam’s Adaptive Sensor Resolution technology.

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