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The fantastic Aver M90UHD Visualiser


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Equipped with 14x Optical and 23x Digital Zoom you are able to take advantage of a total 322x zoom allowing you to bring objects to the forefront of the classroom. Students, even those sitting at the back of the classroom, will be able to see even the most minute details.

Enjoy a fantastic image with Ultra HD (4K) resolution output and 13 MegaPixel camera deliver every subtle detail on a topographical map, chemical experiments, modeling, and more. The clarity which you receive from this powerful visualiser improves teaching quality, as well as enhancing student comprehension.

With an array of features such as recording and also having multiple ports so it can fit any device, the Aver M90UHD is a perfect addition to your classroom from Key Stage 1 to Further Education – it will offer you fantastic images for everyone in the room.

See the Aver M90UHD product page here.

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