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The AVer M15W – What are the benefits of a Wireless Visualiser


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The Aver M15W is a fantastic Visualiser with a lot of amazing features, but some people think that you gain mobility in place of quality…

We hope to dispel this myth! The Aver M15W is a fantastic mechanical arm visualiser which is capable of delivering 4K imagery through a 13-megapixel camera that is capable of running at 60FPS. This visualiser has fantastic specifications, and in addition, connects via Wi-Fi to your screen for a simple connection for a quick and easy start to your lesson.

This allows you to experience fantastic high-quality images whilst also giving you the ability to move the visualiser from table to table, around the room, all so you can show different objects thanks to the sleek design and compact body.

Please watch this explainer video where Sam Wilkinson highlights the exceptional capabilities of this Wireless Aver M15W visualiser!

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