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Five ways a Visualiser can Enhance Lesson Delivery


Visualisers in use

Visualisers are a fantastic piece of technology; cost-effective, sustainable, and they support teachers with their day-to-day teaching and lesson delivery. If you’ve not experienced one before, a visualiser, at the most basic level, can be used to display images, text, and objects on a large scale through your classroom display.

So, how can these basic functions improve and enhance lesson delivery? Let’s find out…

Promote peer assessment with your visualiser

Peer assessment is key for development and is something that has been missing from students’ day-to-day learning experience during the pandemic. A visualiser is an easy way to promote peer assessment now that students are back in a classroom learning environment. You can do this by showing pupils work on screen through your visualiser, allowing the rest of the class to be able to comment. This supports peer-to-peer assessment as well as helping build teamwork, critiquing and communication skills.

Record lesson segments with your visualiser

Ever thought about recording parts of your lessons for students to refer to? With a visualiser, you can! You can simply record your lesson as you deliver it, this is then stored as a video file which you can share with pupils. Recorded lesson segments support pupils with homework, remote working or it can simply be replayed whilst in the classroom, allowing pupils to watch sections in which they are struggling with. Using your visualiser in this way also means that, as a teacher, you will have more time to help individual students with anything they’re struggling with.

These recordings are also able to be added to a pupil’s digital learning record to support their development and achievements.

Using your visualiser to show what good looks like (WAGOLL)

It’s good practice to provide your pupils with an example of what a good one looks like (WAGOLL). A visualiser is a great tool to help you do this. Whether modeling the correct brush strokes, or a piece of creative writing, your visualiser can show a best practice example directly onto your classroom display. This removes the need of having to photocopy the same document 30 times or have your students crowd around a small desk.

Using your visualiser to share content with other teachers

One key objective for teachers is that the technology they are using can be used to help reduce their overall workload. Much like sharing your recorded lesson segments with students, recordings could also be shared with other teachers who are delivering similar lesson content. This helps promote inclusive learning and provides students with the same high-quality lesson content, whilst saving your colleagues time!

Providing front end feedback with your visualiser

Front-end feedback is vital for learning retention. A visualiser can very easily implement front-end feedback into your classroom without having to build extra elements into your lesson plan. To find out more about how to use your visualiser for front-end feedback, you can read our blog here.

So, there it is. Five simple and easy ways in which a visualiser can help enhance your lesson delivery. So, if you’d like any further information about anything that we covered in this blog or just have some questions in general, then drop us a line,  or fill out our contact page, we’re here to help!

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