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10 reasons you should invest in a classroom visualiser


Helpful Tips and Tricks

When we start talking to some schools about visualisers we’re met with the usual kind of replies; “I’m using my iPad to do that”, “we don’t have the time to learn how to use new technology right now” and “we just don’t see the benefit of using that in our lessons”.

But, there are so many reasons that you should invest in a classroom visualiser, and we hope that after you’ve read this blog post… you will agree too!

Your entire class can see the content

No longer do you have to print out 30 copies of the same page or have to hand out one object that has to be handed around your entire classroom. From focusing on a written piece of work by a pupil, a textbook or even a 3D object, you simply put it under your visualiser, and it will be shown in real-time on your front-of-house display.

Live marking

You can work with your class about why a certain piece of work is good and where it has dropped marks! Simply use the software that comes with your visualiser, for example with AVer visualisers, you would use Sphere2 software, and use the built-in features, such as a highlighter or pen, to choose sections of a piece of work and mark the work together with the class which helps to improve everyone’s work!

Record your lessons

Record demonstrations to play on repeat to the class. For example, if you are doing a lesson focusing on handwriting improvement, you can record yourself writing out a letter/sentence and play that on repeat, allowing you to go around your classroom and individually help students who need that extra little bit of assistance, whilst the rest of the class is able to watch the recording on a loop to focus on their writing.

Additionally, if you record a lesson/demonstration, why not share it within your department? Other teachers are able to use premade lessons that are a part of your curriculum, saving them time, keeping them free to focus on other aspects they need to focus on and they will likely return the favour later down the line, saving you time!

Focus on the finer details

When it comes to smaller 3D objects that have finer details on them that you want the class to focus on, they can’t always be seen easily with a quick glance whilst it is being passed around the room. Put it under your visualiser, and get close to the object, showing those details. Even better, in a science lesson, they can be used to show what is going on under a microscope, showing your entire class a model version of the object of interest, without them even having to leave their seats.

Evidence Progress and Improvement

Visualisers present an easy way to show how your students are progressing, it’s important to show those slow improvements which come over time. With a visualiser you can take screenshots of work and then the next time you do a piece of work similar, you can put it under the visualiser and do a side-by-side comparison to see how far they have come. See our video on how visualisers can improve your pupils’ handwriting.

They’re also fantastic for parents evenings, Ofsted examples of work and similar. Showing that development and improvement from students is made easy with a visualiser.

Enhance remote learning

With the requirement still there for remote learning, there are more ways than just being a presenter going through a simple PowerPoint – why not engage the students by doing real-time demonstrations using the visualiser, showing WAGOLL, and peer marking. It doesn’t have to just be the usual teacher talking whilst the students listen!

Move around the room

Some visualisers have wireless capabilities, allowing you to walk around the room, and show off good pieces of work which has been done by a student, this not only gives other students a way of seeing how to solve the problem, how to structure a sentence, etc. but it also allows you to appropriately give out praise to students when they deserve it.

Improve classroom engagement

Not only do you provide different lessons, to your students across the entire curriculum that you are teaching, but you engage students more. Writing on your front-of-house display has a place within lessons, but it shouldn’t be the only way! Students need excitement, and a visualiser provides that.

You have real-time lessons, ones that allow you to switch up your style allow your students to come up and get involved, involve moving images, examples and demonstrations rather than just text on a background. These lessons are the ones that students want to get involved in, and the ones that they will remember the most.

Low-cost with a high-impact

This is something that isn’t lesson-based, but it is incredibly important when it comes to making this decision! Whilst Visualisers used to be expensive, there are now a large range of visualisers which come at different price points, allowing you to fit the needs of your school at a cost that fits your school. Additionally, you can look into our technology leasing options, that make it affordable to upgrade your entire school at once with uniform equipment

You can integrate it with your current equipment

You may be worrying that if you do use a visualiser, you then need to get additional pieces of equipment and add-ons just to ensure that it works to its full potential. But this is not the case! Whether you want to carry on using your current Interactive Touchscreen, your Chromebooks/laptops, your software, etc. – you can integrate a visualiser into your current teaching. Low disruption as you don’t have to work out new features, but it gives you a new angle to work your lesson at, which your students will appreciate as it gives a new engagement level to their lessons!

You can see more information on our visualisers and just what they can do for you, or you can see the what, why and how of visualisers, a valuable step in understanding your needs from a visualiser for your school!

If you have any more questions, you can speak to one of our experienced EdTech Consultants by calling us on 0113 8187930, or alternatively, you can arrange a demonstration, face to face, or a video demo, just fill out our contact form.

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