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What does a Visualiser actually do?


Visualiser benefits

‘What does a visualiser actually do?’…  There are so many different answers to this question, so, we decided we would give a bit of a breakdown to help!

So, firstly a visualiser acts similarly to an old overhead projector but is a much more compact piece of equipment within the classroom environment. It will connect to your front-of-house display and shows pieces of work/ textbooks to the entire class so everyone sees this content simultaneously as you deliver your lessons. Show one master copy under the visualiser rather than have to print off 30 copies!

It doesn’t JUST have to be pieces of work or textbooks, visualisers have flexible heads, incredible cameras, and fantastic zoom, allowing you to show off 3D objects too. For example, whilst using minibeasts, don’t sit around waiting for them to be slowly passed around all of the students, use your visualiser and zoom right in to show them in all of their clarity to everyone, saving you time, and allowing you to focus on the key elements of your success criteria instead!

When using a visualiser, one of the most powerful features that comes along with using it, is the software that you use. You can add annotations in the software to give you the ability to live mark during your lessons which leads to providing front-end feedback too. Front-end feedback is crucial for a student in a classroom environment as it gives them the extra tools and knowledge that they need to help with their skills development as you are able to give them instant feedback!

A split-screen feature allows you to WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) easily which ties in with taking pictures. Take pictures in the software, which allows you to have a set WAGOLL piece of work on one side of your front-of-house display, and then bring up the students’ work to compare. You could even have the students work as part of a team to aim to achieve close to the WAGOLL to help with interpersonal skills.

Visualisers allow you to record videos that include audio too, this could allow you to record lesson segments that are key to the curriculum so so you can use them again in the future to save time. You could share them with your peers to help with their lesson delivery too. Modelling is easily done through this recording feature because you are able to play recordings on a loop, like handwriting examples, working out equations, and much more.

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