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How you can use a visualiser and a new £10 note


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Using your visualiser is easy, but have you linked it across different curriculums with one lesson?

Coming up with a lesson plan which covers different curriculum within the single lesson can be difficult. So we decided that we would create a lesson plan using the brand new £10 note!

The new £10 note has many different features, and because of this, it is very relatable across different subjects such as; science, maths, history and more.

Using the new note, you can look at the differences between the materials used between the new and old notes. The new notes use plastic polymer, why is this different to the previous note?

Look at the size differences, the new note is 15% smaller than the previous note, annotate the differences and explain why this is a difference that may have been made.

For more details, please watch the video which highlights how you can use your visualiser and a new £10 note across many different lessons.

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