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Genee Vision 4200HD Visualiser

Genee Vision 4200HD Visualiser

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£742.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

The Genee 4200HD Visualiser has up to 8-megapixel so you can be assured that your image quality will be high throughout, additionally, the 17x Optical Zoom and 8x Digital Zoom means you can zoom in very close to any object whilst keeping high quality.

This Genee Visualiser has Full HD imaging, allowing for great visuals that your audience will be able to see from anywhere in the room. The fantastic visuals allow for your audience to be able to see from their seats, which is much better than traditional ways where your audience has to stand up and gather around the object with people at the back potentially unable to see as clearly. The visualiser allows for it to be up on the front of house equipment and people can stay in their seats.

This Visualiser comes with Auto Focus, allowing you to keep the focus on the object at all times without having to continually change the focus yourself. You can rest assured that all students will have a high-quality view of the object throughout the lesson.

You can capture images as well as have image split meaning you can show two pieces of work side by side whilst annotating the good points of both whilst pointing out areas of improvement in front of the whole class.

A lightweight visualiser for easy transport between classrooms so you can get it to where it needs to be, allowing for use around the room, or to another room.

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