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Optoma DC556 4K Visualiser

Optoma DC556 4K Visualiser

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  • Public Sector
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£538.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

Real-Time 4K

Convert real-time content into 4K multimedia material which can be used time and time again with 30FPS smooth video playback.

Turn Physical into Digital

Optoma’s range of Visualisers seamlessly transports the physical objects to the digital environment whether it is a 3D object of interest, a worksheet, or even an entire textbook. See details not visible to the human eye and display them to whole rooms or virtual audiences.

Capture it, Save it

Textbooks, maps, detailed diagrams, and 3D models can be brought up on the big screen for the whole room to see, allowing them to pick up on incredibly small details not visible to the human eye. Optoma’s document cameras also allow presenters to annotate images captured and transform them into video clips through the recording feature.

Folding Arm Design

Not only does the folding arm design allow you to precisely position the arm in an incredibly straightforward way, but it also folds the Optoma DC556 4K Visualiser down to an incredibly compact size. This makes it much easier for teachers and lecturers to transport it from room to room.

Social Distancing Friendly

During these challenging times with Covid-19, the Optoma DC556 4K Visualiser emulates the intimacy of a hands-on presentation whilst maintaining correct social distancing guidelines. Combine the visualiser with a larger screen to share with audiences much larger than you would normally be able to demo to.

Onboard Annotation Tools

The supplied smart software allows the presenter to capture an image and annotate over it. In addition, combining it with an interactive flat panel to enable live annotation allows for an incredibly dynamic and engaging presentation.

Built-In Microphone and Speaker

The built-in microphone and speaker mean Optoma’s visualiser range also doubles up as a premium webcam. Fantastic for when audiences are a combination of local and remote.

Picture-in-Picture, connection options, rotating camera lens, LED illumination, easy storage, amazing image quality.

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