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Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera

Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera


£490.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

Key Features

  • 4K, 1080p, 720p and XGA output resolution
  • Rotate 90/180/270 degrees as well as flip/mirror
  • HDMI output and pass-through up to 4K resolution
  • Image annotation
  • Supports USB Flash Drive for capture and video recording
  • Highly flexible gooseneck
  • Built-in microphone

The  Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera boasts a fantastic ultra-clear 4K UHD output resolution with 30 frames per second and can demonstrate remarkably detailed images of any object in real-time without delay.

The Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera features image rotation and allows users to rotate the image for 90/180/270 degrees as well as allowing you to flip/mirror images quickly.

You can externally store videos via USB Flash Drive, it also has a unique HDMI pass-through feature which can pass an image directly to a display. A PC-free solution that can carry out image annotation and control menu settings directly with a mouse.

The unique joint-free gooseneck enables a 360° viewing angle and is easy to use.

One-touch capture, record, and playback the lecture material and get the perfect image quality every time. The Lumens DC172 4K Document Camera makes presentations and teaching more interactive and memorable for students in a 1:1 collaborative learning environment.

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