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Lumens DC-F80 Visualiser

Lumens DC-F80 Visualiser


£325.20 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Excellent Image Control

DC-F80 enables you to demonstrate detailed images of any objects in real-time. The arm flexibility allows close positioning to a document, or an object at an angle. The auto-tune button optimises to produce sharp, colour balanced, and bright images for computer monitors, projectors, and interactive touch screens.

Interactive Presentations

Through USB to your PC, Mac, or Chrome OS device, manage all the camera’s settings and controls. The Lumens Ladibug software gives access to advanced features including annotating, masking and cropping images, and sharing saved files.

Easy to Use

Buttons on the unit give you instant access to key controls, to rotate or flip the on-screen image and adjust the brightness, and freeze the picture. Zoom in and out on any part of the document using the navigation keys, giving you control over the presentation. Via USB, use the camera through all popular video conferencing software.

Versatile Imaging

Featuring a professional imaging sensor, 30x zoom, and HDMI output & supporting resolutions from XGA to UltraHD. The flexible arm allows you to both reproduce documents and interact with students (local and remote)
all in the same session. Unit also works wirelessly.


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