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Epson ELPDC30

Epson ELPDC30


£808.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

The ELPDC30 4K UHD visualiser, with 60fps imaging and 230x zoom ratio, enables teachers to capture and share content in high-definition and in realtime, providing impressive and seamless content. The 13 mega-pixel camera makes learning both collaborative and inspirational, while the wireless connectivity adds real flexibility to where the content can be shared.

The ELPDC30 is perfect for teachers who want to transform digital learning. Thanks to 4K UHD resolution and the 13 mega-pixel camera, image quality is stunning in every learning setting. It has a shooting area up to A3, and when combined with an Epson projector the content can be displayed on a large screen that’s accessible to all students. Add in 230x zoom ratio and every detail can be shared and discussed in perfect clarity.

The ELPDC30 can be connected directly to the main display wirelessly or via Miracast at 30fps (60fps max without Miracast), without being limited by HDMI connectivity. Being compact, lightweight and having a built-in carry handle, makes handling safe and easy.

The microscope attachment means the smallest content can be viewed at the largest of scales, while USB memory storage of up to 32GB gives the ELPDC30 the ability to record, capture and store images for future sessions and classes.

The flicker-reduction feature ensures a comfortable viewing experience, making it a healthy choice for young eyes, and a flexible mechanical head with built-in LED light enhances the content being shown.

An optional carry case provides extra protection when moved between rooms or locations and, if the ELPDC30 needs to be secured, it comes with a Kensington lock.

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