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AverVision M70W Mechanical Arm Wireless Visualiser

AverVision M70W Mechanical Arm Wireless Visualiser

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  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate


£586.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

230x Total Zoom

With an overall 230x total zoom (10x Optical Zoom plus 23x Digital Zoom) the power of the close-ups enhances the learning experience by letting teachers show every little detail.

Durable, Adjustable and Portable

The Aver M70W is durable, adjustable and portable. The visualiser has an adjustable yet sturdy mechanical arm attached to a base with a portable handle offering the flexibility to apply the Aver M70W in different fields.

Wired or Wireless

Go wired or wireless. Integrating the benefits of stand-alone and wireless visualisers, the Aver M70W gives teachers options. Armed with both USB and HDMI connectivity, idea sharing is even easier.

One-Touch Capturing and Recording

Incredible 4K video recording and capturing functions completely fulfil the needs of any teacher. Simply capture all of the moments crucial for student development and play videos on loop.

Conferencing Platforms

A visualiser can help with social distancing during this difficult time for schools due to Covid-19. The visualiser lets you provide all the work/content from your desk for the whole class to see whilst no one breaks the crucial 2m barrier. You don’t need a huddled group around any practical lesson as you can display what’s under the visualiser again to aid in the current Social Distancing rules.

Platforms you can use Aver visualisers for include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Jitsi, Visonable, Medio Link and Whereby. This allows you to “meet” with people just as you would before the social distancing measures were put in place.

AVerTouch Software

Aver’s latest and greatest software has arrived with AVerTouch. With one touch, you can connect your M70W to your mobile devices for content sharing, and simply save any annotations, captured or recorded files automatically to the cloud.

This Aver M70W comes with 5 years warranty.

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