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How the AVer U50 can boost your teaching and learning


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The AVer U50 is a powerful visualiser which is at an entry-level price. You get some fantastic features from the portable device, with excellent quality.

The AVer U50 is an excellent visualiser for a classroom. All you have to do to set it up is plug in the USB from your visualiser to your PC and you are ready to go. The USB gives it power and connects it to the software.

The Sphere2 software from AVer is a powerful and simple to use piece of software which packs a lot of features. You can take advantage of the software either directly using your PC with the mouse, or you can have freedom of movement and interact with it through your interactive touchscreen.

The Software allows you to zoom in and out with built-in features and it keeps its high-quality level of image for a visualiser at an entry-level price. The software lets you either use the Autofocus feature on the screen or you can use the Autofocus feature which is on the visualiser head itself. Additionally, on the head of the visualiser, you have the option to turn on an LED light or capture an image.

Annotations that you have been made can be very quickly cleared up if it is required. One simple click will remove the annotations and you’re ready to go again.

Simply record videos of you working on a subject under the visualiser, how to use a compass, a protractor, division, etc. one click will activate the recording, one click will end it. It automatically saves your recording to your videos and you can play it on a loop to the class to keep them all engaged and able to follow along.

When a capture has been taken, either with the button in the software or with the button on the head, you can simply take the saved image and do a side-by-side comparison for peer assessment.

There is a simple visor option that will keep the focus on certain parts. Show a question and slowly reveal the answer. Keep your students focused and on the topic at the same time.

When you’re finished with the visualiser, you can simply disconnect it from the USB port and wrap the neck around the base. It ensures it is portable so it can be transferred from classroom to classroom whenever the need should arise.

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