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The Incredible Aver M17-13M Visualiser!


Visualisers in use

The AVer M17-13M Visualiser can revolutionise your classroom. It has some incredible features which can be utilised in the classroom to deliver engaging lessons to your students allowing them to get involved.

It has superb HD image quality, the 13-megapixel camera with a 35.2X total zoom allows you to observe crisp text, bright images and more on your display!

The AVer M17-13M has a robust mechanical arm that provides precise angle control to capture the best image quality and allows you to focus in on all of the microscopic details.

Easily record demonstrations which you can playback at a later time for reviews, providing the video for those absent or giving it to substitute teachers so they are prepared for the lesson with handy one-touch recording.

To see the full features in action watch the video on the left of this page as our man Sam Wilkinson shows the AVer M17-13M being used in conjunction with a SMART 6000 Series. 

You can also see the full details of the AVer M17-13M on the product page, as well as downloading the brochure and the specification sheet.

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