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How Aver Visualisers can aid in Social Distancing Measures


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In this current situation we’re in with coronavirus, schools are finally beginning to reopen.

But with schools reopening, changes must be made to ensure that we are complying with current government guidelines. Aver Visualisers can be used with your current front-of-house systems to show objects of interest for a whole room of students so they don’t have to gather around it becoming too close for social distancing measures.

However, you can also use an Aver Visualiser together with conferencing systems like Zoom, so you can utilise the technology with conferencing software to deliver lessons that feel exactly the same as if you were teaching from the front of the room.

You can use Aver software with the Zoom call, Microsoft Teams call, and other conferencing systems calls to show the objects of interest and record the lesson so that you can send the entire lesson recording to all participants, and they can replay the lesson or certain parts of the lesson that they struggled with to try to grasp the concept.

Using a visualiser with conferencing software allows you to maintain social distancing, guidelines, which during this time, where some may feel uncomfortable being in close proximity with other people, you can allow people to keep apart.

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