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What is a visualiser and how can it help you as a teacher?


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We are often asked, “What is a visualiser, and how can it benefit me in the classroom?”

Well, this article will help explain the basics, if you have any more questions after reading this, get in contact with us! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Present on a large scale

At their most basic, visualisers allow you to show any item, object, or piece of work on your classroom display. It provides everything you could need, from demonstration to sharing, visualisers have got you covered.

Save, annotate and share

Visualisers take non-digital, real-world objects and transform them into digital images which you can display. From there, you can save, annotate and share, just like any normal digital image. You can record what you are doing in high definition and then use it as a demonstration video for future use.

Brand new uses from existing resources

Introducing a visualiser to your classroom, doesn’t get rid of everything you have become familiar with. Visualisers unlock your lessons, the tools are available and waiting for you to make use of them all, making it easier than ever to retain students’ attention.

Everyone sees the same thing at the same time

If you think that peer and self-assessment are important aspects of the learning process, you can easily show work to the whole class on a large scale without passing it around. Or if you want more inclusion in the classroom, you can be happy in the knowledge that all students are seeing the content at the same time, without crowding or passing sheets around.

Suitable for every learner

Visualisers address different learning styles as all children are different and they learn differently, seeing them on a screen makes it visual, appealing to visual learners, and being able to get involved and move things around helps the kinaesthetic learners. Everyone benefits, learning in their own unique way. Because no two people are the same.

To get a full understanding of how the use of visualisers can improve teaching and learning, you can come to our Customer Experience Centre for a demo, or we can organise a remote demonstration, showing you the visualiser you’re interested in through our YouTube channel.

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