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Using Visualisers to Support Remote Learning


Visualisers in use

With everything currently going on we’re encouraging teachers to deliver remote lessons as much as possible – it’s important to keep the normal day-to-day lessons going, but ensure you are keeping in line with social distancing measures.

One tool which is incredibly helpful in doing this is the visualiser, it can be used with your current conferencing system, whether it be Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, etc. it can be used to display documents or objects of interest to everyone present in your remote lesson.

Using an Aver Visualiser plugged straight into your laptop on Windows 10 will automatically detect it as a camera that can be used and you can quickly and easily switch between your laptop’s webcam and the visualiser, with the click of a button, meaning you can go through the document without having to hold it up to the camera. It’s in a location that is easy to access, write on, and turn the page.

By using a visualiser within your remote lesson you can go through the content right there and then. The best advantage of this over pre-recorded YouTube videos? Students can ask questions in the moment. If there’s a word they don’t understand or a sentence they would like the teacher to go over again as they didn’t understand or a concept that they find tricky, the teacher can address the issue. The student gets the answer straight away and they don’t have to wait for a reply to a YouTube comment or an email.

Visualisers are a low-cost, high-impact teaching tool. They support remote education, enabling social distancing for the teacher in the classroom and they can reduce marking to create more time for more engaging lessons.

Please watch the video on this page to see an Aver visualiser in use with Microsoft Teams and see the benefits of using a Visualiser in your classroom.

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