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Showcasing a powerful Lumens visualiser


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The Lumens DC193 Visualiser, everything you could need from a visualiser. Ideal for any scenario, whether it be in the classroom for education, corporate or the public sector, this visualiser will give you what you need.

Some key features of this visualiser include:

  • Full HD 1080p output resolution, running at 30fps
  • 20 times variable zoom ratio
  • A built-in microphone
  • One-touch audio and video recording
  • Compatible with USB flash drives, expandable up to 4TB
  • Jointless, flexible gooseneck design to deliver a great visual, regardless of the angle
  • Compatible with all major whiteboard brands
  • Built-in power supply

Its wireless capabilities and its gooseneck design, this visualiser can deliver on anything you need it to, whether it be sharing an image to a class or showing a graph to a corporate board meeting. Engage with your students from anywhere in the room whilst the visualiser shows 1080p HD images to your class. Its sleek design with built-in power supply means it can be moved anywhere in the room to suit your needs.

You can store 240 images onto it with its built-in memory and you can expand that to 4TB of memory using any USB flash drive. There is a one-touch recording button which allows you to record stand-alone presentations, and you don’t even need to use your PC.

A single auto-tune button gives you the perfect image quality every time, the DC193 is an HD multimedia camera that makes your meetings and your lessons more interactive and visually appealing due to its ability to provide vivid colours in 1080p HD images.

It has a rigid lens, this provides protection from abnormally delivered damage giving you the best quality imagery for a long time. It has a VGA input and output as well as an HDMI input and output. It can deliver perfect image quality, even at a distance of 1.2 inches (3 centimetres)

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