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The importance of a good classroom visualiser supplier


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When a school decides to purchase a visualiser for a classroom, they’re joining thousands of schools throughout the UK in investing in a powerful tool for teaching and learning. Whether using a visualiser to show objects or text or children’s work on the classroom interactive display, there’s no doubt that, if installed and used correctly, the equipment will benefit any school.

That, however, is an important point: a school needs to use a visualiser supplier who has the knowledge of all brands of visualisers – from an AVer Visualiser, to a SMART Visualiser, an Elmo Visualiser to a Lumens Visualiser – AND also has the knowledge of how they should be used in an education environment.

This process starts with the specification of a visualiser. Whether buying it online or with a consultant who has taken the time to visit a school, a school will always benefit from advice, guidance and an on-site demonstration. It’s key that the equipment is both compatible with current systems and also has the functionality to support the objectives.

An example of this is if a school is purchasing a visualiser for use in a science lesson. A good supplier will advise that the equipment needs optical zoom and HD video recording capabilities, found on the Aver F17HD+. This may be less relevant to a primary school literacy lesson.

Delivery and installation of a visualiser into a classroom is also key – whereas many suppliers will simply deliver the product to the school reception and expect a busy teacher to install it, schools need suppliers who offer an installation service. Incorrect visualiser software installation can be an easy error to make, as can ensuring the resolution settings are compatible with both the PC screen.

Effective training so a teacher can use the visualiser equipment is the next vital ingredient to a successful purchase. A teacher needs to be able to make the most effective use of the technology from day one, to maximise the teaching and learning returns on a school’s investment. It’s for this reason that, in partnership with our parent company Elementary Technology, will always offer training to our customers.

So as you’re browsing this site, and perhaps looking at alternative suppliers for your new visualiser, consider that you’re buying more than just a product in a box. You’re buying a tool that needs to fit your requirements, it needs to be correctly installed and your team needs to be correctly trained.

Start the journey and ask us for a visualiser demonstration at your school.

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