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How the Elmo CRA-1 Tablet enhances your lessons.


Product Advice

The Elmo CRA-1 Interactive Tablet is an interactive link to better teaching, therefore providing better learning!

With the wireless tablet you can walk around the classroom, this allows you to take a closer look at what the students are doing and makes it easier to engage them. Help students individually, and get to students who ask for help quicker.

You don’t have to be stuck at the front of the classroom for annotation anymore! You have completely free movement due to the wireless nature of this Tablet. No longer are you restricted from interacting with your pupils whilst also having access to the technology to continue on with the lesson.

Connect with the ELMO Visualiser/Document Camera and you can annotate over live images allowing for live marking, alternatively, record your lesson and share it with the whole class at a later date. Whilst connected to a visualiser, you can get the whole class involved in helping one student. How can this sentence structure be improved, where would be a good place to be a paragraph in. Peer assessment makes the entire class grow together.


If you would like to buy this with a visualiser, take a look at one of our bundles which we have to offer for the best collaborative experience for technology.

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