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The arrival of AverVision F70W Visualisers


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In partnership with Elementary Technology introduces the new, most advanced AverVision F70W document camera ideal for teaching and learning.

Some key specifications of this new visualiser include:

  • Mobility in the classroom;
  • 1080p HD document camera;
  • Wireless camera with wireless controls;
  • 6.5-hour rechargeable battery;
  • HDMI and USB to PC;
  • Record and share everything;
  • Complements Aver’s learning software;
  • Annotate, highlight and MUCH MORE…

With its wireless capabilities, this document camera moves where you need it when you need it to stream live images of anything from anywhere. Engage freely with pupils and teach where you prefer whether it be next to a touchscreen demoing from your desk or across the room alongside pupil’s work.

This F70W visualiser is standalone with its wireless operations. Present a live video demo anywhere while annotating, highlighting or changing its content via an iPad, Android/Windows® 8 tablets, or PC/Mac. Present group work from one end of the classroom with the camera while using the WirelessCam app to interact with the content and another group elsewhere.

The WirelessCam app allows teachers to zoom in and out drawing pupil’s attention to specific areas on screen OR open the camera menu and access all settings including freeze, rotate, brightness, contrast and colour.

Use the AverVision F70W in lessons to add notes, draw or insert shapes directly over live streaming videos. What’s more, Aver’s learning software accompanies the F70W and gives you a selection of exclusive teaching tools to maximize the effectiveness of any lesson. The F70W will record your entire lesson to the media library allowing teachers to upload everything to YouTube, Dropbox or Facebook for easy sharing and at-home review.

For more AverVision F70W specifications or to book a demonstration please contact us.

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