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A Visualiser for my school – how do I choose?


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Well, first of all, the fact you’re looking for a visualiser for your classroom means you’re on the right path. Use of a visualiser to improve teaching and learning in a school can be very effective, as discovered by thousands of customers over the years! Having arrived at this site though now can be where the challenge begins. From Elmo visualisers, Lumens visualisers, Vidifox visualisers and more, the choice is vast!

You’re also on the right site as just like our sister site (which includes brands including Smart touchscreens, Promethean interactive touch panels and more), has the largest range of visualisers available in the UK!

Where do I start?

The basic function of any visualiser is, in fact, the same; it’s a piece of camera equipment which allows you enlarge objects, documents, images and more via a connection to your interactive classroom display. Beyond this basic, but powerful, benefit for a classroom, there is a range of technical options – your choice will depend on what you want to achieve with your visualiser and how you as a teacher intend to use it.

Some key functionalities are as follows:

A visualiser with an optical zoom function, ideal for showing your classroom objects and images in far greater detail. A teacher can zoom in on a map when studying WWII or an onion skin when discussing biology and plants.

Video record mode – visualisers with movie functionality can be powerful when demonstrating methodologies for playback. Whether handwriting, assembly of something or to retain for future reference.

Mirroring function – the show correct and incorrect, before and after or using the annotation function on a visualiser, for a fun game of spot the difference!

What should I do now?

Even with the knowledge of the above, and the wide range of other functions which a visualiser can provide in a classroom, there’s no doubt the best way to get a feel for a system is to actually use it yourself. It’s for this reason that our parent, Elementary Technology, are always happy to provide a live demonstration at your school.

If you and/or your team would like to find out more, ask the experts or try a system yourself, then get in touch! Please just click here to use our Request a Demo form.

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