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Wolfvision VZ-9.4F Visualiser

Wolfvision VZ-9.4F Visualiser


£6,718.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

  • HD recording
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 60fps
  • Easy-to-use

Product Description

Onboard recording functionality that allows entire presentations and lectures to be captured including audio. No need for a tripod, lights, microphones, etc. as the VZ9.4 series provide an ‘all-in-one’ HD recording solution.

The recording functionality is not just limited to the visualiser’s own camera and microphone. External content such as; PowerPoint, digital images, web pages, etc. can be connected from a PC or tablet and into one of the HDMI ports in the Visualiser and can be easily recorded with voiceover audio in 720p HD resolution with 30fps.

Recorded videos and pictures can be easily saved to the built in 8GB memory which is more than enough to store thousands of images or an average of 10 hours of video footage. Alternatively, you could plug in a USB stick into one of the USB ports on the visualiser and save it directly to the memory stick if extra memory is required.

Synchronise your visualiser with vSolution connect, Wolfvisions app with a full multimedia control dashboard. It allows all media types to be integrated and controlled using a single device – enabling materials stored either locally on the iPad or in dropbox to be added into presentations with the touch of a button.

An easy-to-use zoom wheel is on the camera head, and the zoom function is the only thing which you need to change yourself, the camera automatically adjusts all other features.

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