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Genee Vision 9100 4K Visualiser

Genee Vision 9100 4K Visualiser


£838.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

A 13-megapixel camera allows you to show the entire class a crystal clear image, regardless of where they are sitting in the class. The 90-degree camera rotation allows for different angles to be reached and get a different view of the same object.

With up to 22x Optical Zoom and an 8x Digital Zoom, you know that the visualiser will give a high-quality image of the object even when you reach the higher zoom levels. This ensures that you can get close to the object of interest whilst maintaining a high image quality – so even the most minute details are able to be seen by everyone in the classroom.

The auto-focus the visualiser offers means that when you get close to an object, it will keep the focus level as high as possible based on how close the zoom is to the object. With one simple click of a button, the visualiser will find its best level of zoom to keep images high-quality.

This Genee visualiser is lightweight meaning it can be moved around the room as well as transferred to different classes based upon different lesson needs. It can simply be unplugged and moved to ensure that lessons get the highest levels of use from the equipment available.

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