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Genee Vision 150 Visualiser

Genee Vision 150 Visualiser


£238.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

  • 2-megapixel digital camera
  • Internal memory for storing images
  • Image Freeze / Positive and Negative Conversion
  • Rotating and pivoting head
  • 4 x Optical and 10 x digital (40x total)

Product Description

A cost-effective solution to any presentation needs, the Genee Vision 150 allows for easy and successful teaching. The rotating head, built-in light, and digital camera delivers excellent image clarity

It has controls that enable users to zoom in on an image and can display 2D or 3D objects or documents (such as handouts, maps, printed or handwritten papers, photos, slides, x-ray films, etc.) at very high magnification onto a plasma screen, TV, monitor, interactive whiteboard or any flat surface.

Other features include image freeze, positive and negative conversion, easy focus adjust, and auto white balance. The Genee Vision 150 is an entry-level visualiser that can seamlessly integrate with any Interactive Whiteboard to create presentations, digital resources, and record demonstrations promptly with the video capture software.

The Genee Vision 150 is a digital ICT presentation and teaching resource that directly connects to a P.C. and/ or Interactive Whiteboard, Projector, or LCD screen. It can pick up any kind of material, whether it be photographs, books, or 3D objects effortlessly and provides a high-resolution output signal for video and data projectors, monitors, or interactive whiteboards.

It has a range of features including, a 2 megapixel CMOS camera, auto-focus, rotating head to capture images from different angles, 4x optical zoom, and 10 x digital zoom and a USB port.

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