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Elmo MA-1 STEM Visualiser with Scottie Go!

Elmo MA-1 STEM Visualiser with Scottie Go!

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£586.80 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

Product Description

This Elmo MA-1 Visualiser comes with a 5″ Touchscreen built-in to be used within lessons using the Scottie Go! app. Use this to teach basic coding to children ages 6 and over through simple commands and fun visuals with levels that get progressively more difficult to challenge your students.

The visualiser has an annotation app and QR code reader pre-installed meaning you don’t have to worry about setting up the basics on the visualiser before the lesson. You can just get going immediately.

Enjoy a direct internet connection, either wired or wireless, whichever suits you and your classroom better! The visualiser also has a built-in battery letting you have nearly 3 hours of battery life without being plugged in.

Connect the Elmo MA-1 Visualiser to your front of class screen through simple HDMI pass-through function. Enjoy Scottie Go! and peer assessment through annotation on a large screen!

This visualiser comes with 5 years warranty.

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