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Elmo LX-1 Visualiser

Elmo LX-1 Visualiser

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate


£510.00 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

  • Powerful 12 x optical zoom
  • A large A3 viewing area
  • 270° Rotatable camera head
  • 30FPS Full Motion Video Record
  • ELMO Interactive Toolbox Software

Product Description

The Elmo LX-1 is from a leading innovator in visualisers, and is the ideal teaching and presenting tool. Sleek, sturdy and high specification, this visualiser is ideal for classrooms, lecture theatres and meeting rooms alike.

Powerful Optical Zoom

The visualiser lense is actually composed of 11 individual components, providing amongst the highest quality visuals available. Manufactured in Japan, it provides a 12 x optical zoom, meaning small objects and texts can be shown in large scale with no loss of quality. This can be seamlessly enlarged further through use of the 8 x digital zoom, providing a total 96x zoom capability.

Flexible Viewing

The Elmo LX-1 visualiser has a rotatable and tiltable head, ideal for showing objects and activity at virtual any angle. It also neatly clicks back into place when vertical, avoiding the inaccuracy which a gooseneck can bring to a display.

The visualiser also supports a large A3 viewing area, is auto-focus and brightness and includes an integrated LED light for illuminating content. Giving you full control on what you are wanting to show and highlight to your students, making it a very powerful piece of technology.

Security Base Plate
With screw holes to secure the visualiser to a desk or worktop, this specially designed feature provides extra support, whilst also acting as an anti-theft bracket.


Bundled EIT (ELMO Interactive Toolbox software) provides the annotation tools for highlighting your visuals images with lines, shapes and freehand notes. It also allows you to show split screen, freeze frame and more – perfect for peer-assessment, before and after or to allow the user to carry on with other activities whilst retaining the image on screen.

The Elmo MX-1’s  USB port makes it easy to transfer ELMO-captured images and movies onto a computer. The EIT software also enables audio-visual recording saved as AVI files and time-lapse photography captured in intervals ranging from one second to 24 hours.

One of our customers commented…

“This Elmo visualiser brings a new dimension to my teaching – the image is crisp and the zoom is great! Perfect for showing work, books and objects to the class, and so much better than holding things up or passing them around. I’ve even used it to record some origami which I stored on the school network for other teaching staff!”

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