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ELMO CRB-1 Pen with Sensor Bar

ELMO CRB-1 Pen with Sensor Bar

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate


£366.00 (inc. VAT)


Key Features

  • Interactive presentations with or without a PC
  • Annotations on live images from a compatible ELMO visualiser
  • Easy control of ELMO Visualisers for engaging lessons

Product Description

This product must be used with specific ELMO visualisers (ELMO L12-iD, ELMO P10HD, ELMO P30HD and the ELMO P100HD)

The ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen is the first PC-free IWB system (with a compatible ELMO visualiser), enabling you to write directly on a screen or LCD display. Alternatively, you can combine the CRB-1 with your computer.

Use the live image from your visualiser and annotate on top of it to show the whole class points of interest in a piece of work or a manipulative item.

There are two ways to use the CRB-1:

Directly with the ELMO Visualiser

Annotate and draw onto ELMO’s live images (from a compatible visualiser) without a computer and just write directly onto your display or projection. You can store all annotations as JPEG files onto an SD memory card and you have comfortable control of all the important ELMO functions.

In combination with a PC

Control your PC by touching the projection screen or monitor with the interactive pen. ELMO’s EIT software allows you to annotate on live images and various other backgrounds. You can also add pictures, notes, record and annotate videos and much more.

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