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Why an iPad shouldn’t replace a visualiser


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In recent times the Apple iPad has become commonplace in the classroom; when used effectively, they are a powerful teaching and learning tool. There are however many reasons why a teacher shouldn’t replace a visualiser with an iPad.

Two hand use

To show an object or image on the classroom display, the teacher will have to try and hold the device whilst annotating or moving and pointing out different parts of the image. The teacher will only have one hand to be able to demonstrate. Being on a stand, visualisers don’t have this problem, they don’t need you to hold onto them, and so they leave the teacher to have full mobility and both hands free to demonstrate.


With an iPad, you will need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection to make the image appear from the device on a screen. This is not good for rooms that may not have as good of a connection to Wi-Fi. If you can’t display the image due to Wi-Fi issues, then you are losing out on a big part of your lesson. Visualisers don’t rely on Wi-Fi, you can plug it straight in, and therefore no matter what, you can display all images without an issue.

Zoom option

One of the biggest reasons that a visualiser is better than using an iPad is that many have an optical zoom. An iPad has a good camera but has digital zoom meaning that you will lose some picture quality when you zoom in. It is very important to know the difference between Optical and Digital Zoom.

Image tools

Many visualisers offer several functions additional teaching tools – several are shown here in the Elmo LX-1 movie. In brief, the main tools include:

  • Split-screen – you can put an image on the screen and freeze one side so you can compare it with another image, perfect for peer assessment, comparing before and after, and more.
  • Freeze frame – you can stop an image on the screen so the students can focus on that image until you have set up what you want to put on the screen next.
  • Annotate – a teacher, without the need to hold the iPad, can highlight areas and make notes on the live image

In Summary

Visualisers are a very strong addition to the classroom and will transform the way a teacher demonstrates, presents, shares, and compares in the classroom. It is engaging and seeing the image on the screen gives the students the ability to see themselves or their teachers manipulating the object or annotating a piece of work.

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