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How Elmo’s Connect Box enhances your Elmo MX-1 visualiser


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Connecting your Elmo MX-1 visualiser to an Elmo Connect Box provides you with two extra connectivity options to present to visuals.

In addition to the USB connection of the visualiser, it also provides an HDMI and a VGA connection. These mean your visualiser will plug direct into your Touchscreen / projector allowing you to peer assess using the Elmo software onto you classroom display.

Without the Connect Box you’d always need to use the visualiser alongside a PC – fine for many people of course, but not always ideal for some.

Additionally, avoding the ‘middle man’ minimises the loss of quality which can occur when connecting via a PC.

It is suitable for any display by utilising the XGA and UXGA resolutions which you can switch between with ease to complement your display to give the best quality imagery for your classroom.

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